About Us

“We are faggot farmers, workers, artists, teachers, nurses, waiters, actors, activists, rural and urban dwellers who see Gays and Lesbians as a distinct and seperate people. Like a tribe, we have our own culture, our own way of being and our own spirituality, we we constantly explore, evaluate and redefine in order to grow and to learn” – Joey Cain

Radical and Faerie are two seperate words with seperate meanings. However, they converge in the Radical Faerie dedication to the interconnectedness of spirit, sex, politics and culture. This has many varied implications, ones that repeatedly affect our lives in the daily world.

Being radically (at the root) decentralist and anti-authoritarian, we have no leaders and no followers. Each and every faerie is divine and speaks on their own behalf. We join together in circles, gatherings and sanctuaries for play, self discovery, nurturing and love.

While we are individualist and have no dogma, we share and celebrate some common visions, such as:

  • A belief in the sacredness and transendence of Nature and the Earth, as well as the Human community.
  • A commitment to consensual group process
  • Playing, singing, dancing, feasting, hugging and loving
  • Recognizing that every one of us has our own path to self-fulfillment and enlightenment
  • Helping each other explore and discover our individual potentials
  • A world view in which the dualities of we/them, minority/majority, either/or are dissolved in favor of experiencing both/and
  • A concerned and committed goal of contributing to society, in particular by helping regain a balanced humanity in our global village home; many faeries are already working on such issues as AIDS, environmental protection, equal rights, global peace, religious freedom and individual tolerance.
  • We are a spiritual people in that we seek the best possible way for leading our individual lives, consistent with our inner convictions and feelings. Our spirituality comes from within; we experience it in play, meditation, sex, work and relaxation. We do not accept the division of spirit from physical body that western civilization propagates.

    As a spiritual people, we belong to many different philosophical and religious traditions. There are faerie Pagans, faerie Hindus, faerie Jews, faerie Atheists, faerie Taoists, faerie Christians, faerie Witches and faerie Buddhists. Some faeries have discovered and celebrate the Queer God, a unique Gay deity who is not at all related to the Horned God of traditional Paganism.

    Radical Faeries emerged simultaneously throughout the United States in the mid-to-late seventies as groups of gay pagans, nature lovers, witches, sacred drag queens and so forth; all of which were looking for an alternative to the commercial gay culture that had taken too in the big American cities. The first gathering of “Radical Faeries” took place in the desert of Arizona in 1979. This now historic gathering was called by Harry Hay, who is considered one of the founding sisters of the movement.