Message From Empress Crazybear Lugnut Lugh Fae IX

Beloved Friends and Faeries,

Welcome to the Nashville Faerie Circle. Every St. Brigid’s Day the Nashville Faeries Celebrate the Pagan Holiday Lamas and select a new Empress for one year. I was honored to be selected to serve for 2012.

As the 9th Empress I hope to bring to the Nashville Faeries a year of pomp and pomposity and as our brother and poet James Broughton so finely put it: Gaiety for all the laity. If you are new to Nashville and would like to visit our circle or events please sign up for notifications of events on this site or if need be contact me personally at:

Also visit our Facebook page at:

Humbly in your service:

Empress Crazybear Lugnut Lugh Fae IX

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